About Me

Karl Lindeborg (b.1955, raised in Danderyd, north of Stockholm) is an artist, outdoorteacher and a yogateacher. Karls big birdfeathers takes off in the beauty of the birds and with their help he will describe our smallness, our vulnerability and our dependence of functioning ecosystems. To seek out the beauty in different life forms are one way to gain power and to build togetherness with life around us. To create reverence for life forms and different ecosystems where we ourselves are included.

Beauty can be a trampolin in the work with a sustainable development. This is also reflected in Karls texts. To discover the biological diversity that exists through concrete nature experiences kan give a deep natural contact and a feeling of togetherness.

Natural contact can be used as a energy source in in the resistance to abuse of people and other life forms but can also be used to see the posibilities that are available to build a more sustainable society. The threat to the life forms of the planet are serious and comprehensive. At the same time different societys are right now building sustainability in different forms. To gather people together to bulid sustainability with all spectra of possibilities gives energy and creates presumptions to develop more sustainable solutions. To work with solutions also creates hope.

Lindeborg is educated in leadership, ecology, natur conservation, international environment conservtion, teaching, writing, civil disobedience and a two year basic art education. Since ten years Karls main focus is to make big bird feathers.


Islands in the Sea                        1997            Väsby Gård, Sollentuna

Faces of love 2000            Vada församlingshem, Vallentuna

Experiences from the Heart             2002            Karby gård, Vallentuna

Galleri TU                          2005            Stockholm

Galleri TU                          2006            Stockholm

Galleri T                             2008            Stockholm

Galleri Hagman                 2011            with Nicke Helldorff, Stockholm

Feathers and Birds             2012            Galleri Hagman Stockholm

Feathers, birds and things like that   2012            with Nicke Helldorff/Ottenby Naturum Öland

Caught by feathers            2013          with Nicke Helldorff/ Naturcenter Bornholm, Danmark.

Caught by feathers            2015            Naturum Värmland

Caught by feathers             2016            Galleri Riddaren, Stockholm

Carried by wings              2017            Naturrum Gotland, Vamlingbo, Gotland

Caught by feathers             2018            Naturum Tåkern, Östergötland

Carried by wings 2020 Väsby Konsthall, Upp.- Väsby, w. Liv Widing and Gunilla Poignant

We long to the wild 2021 Mora kulturhus, Mora, with AnneLie Karlsson and Beth Moen.

Longing out 2022 Siljansnäs, Dalarna with AnneLie Karlsson.