What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundaliniyoga is a spiritual tradition of mentally, physically and emotionally growing. With the help of yoga, you can establish a deep contact with yourself. Meet yourself in depth in a loving way. The yoga strengthens the nervous system and the muscles, stimulates the circulation, strengthens the immune system, cleanses the body from toxins and creates an increased feeling of life in the body. The yoga strengthens your muscles, gives mental balance, seems soothing and relaxing. The word yoga means union, and the purpose of the yogic tradition is to help you see the covenants that exist between you as an individual and the universe as a whole. The yoga helps you to feel yourself as part of a larger whole and helps you to live more confidently, in more harmony, more appreciation and greater gratitude with and before life. It helps you honor both yourself and life. The Kundalini yoga exercises aim to create harmony between body, mind and soul and give power to influence your life in a positive direction. Practicing yoga regularly makes you sustainable, increases your ability to concentrate, your inner strength, awareness, compassion and selfawareness. You become more aware of who you are and what you want and where you are going. Welcome to come and practice Kundalini yoga in Vallentuna municipality. More info see company Harmony for your entire website:

Yoga and nature contact at Lidberga farm, Vallentuna Saturday 12 September 2020

Welcome to be inspired and strengthened by yoga and nature contact
a beautiful place in Vallentuna. Here, with the help of yoga, you can relax, strengthen
your body and your mind. You are offered an opportunity to stop and reflect together with others and with the whisper of the wind, bird song and stillness.Here, in the absence of the big city’s various sounds, it becomes easier to unwind and hear your inner voice.
Kundalini yoga is a simple and powerful yoga form that is designed so everyone can
perform it. A Kundalini yoga session consists of various physical exercises, one longer
rest to integrate the exercises and a final meditation. Yoga helps to live more present and conscious and to notice and appreciate the small nuances of everyday life. Yoga makes you more present in the present. The yoga is a powerful tool to strengthen body and mind and can help you better deal with the setbacks and hardships of life. We have a beautiful lodge for the yoga pass. We leads yoga session during morning and afternoon.

Experiences in nature can be an invigorating counterpart to the fast pace
most of us live in where we are constantly connected and connected via mobile phones
and social media. With the Flow Learning ™ method, we give you the opportunity to completely and fully ”here and now”. We call it natural presence. Flow Learning ™ is
a simple, powerful method of learning in nature. It is based on the basics principles of learning and awareness training. Through the four steps of the method we lead you into a deeper experience of nature. It’s about waking yours, enthusiasm, practice your attention, enjoy the experience and share the inspiration with others.

Organic homemade vegan lunch is included. Fruit. The food is cooked over an open fire.

DATE AND COST: Saturday, September 12 at. 10.00 – 15.00 Price 650 kr.

Register by paying the full course fee of SEK 650 to swish 1234779443
or bank giro 5070-3388. Please enter the Emergency Contact when making a payment.
Also send an email to and tell us that you are coming. Last
registration date is September 1st.

Soft yoga-friendly clothes, weather-based clothing for our nature experiences.

Bus 676 from Techn. University towards Norrtälje. Bus stop; Brottby
traffic stop, 30 min travel time from Stockholm. We have car transport to / from
bus stop. Lidberga 3, 186 91 Vallentuna. 0707 20 44 86, 073 646 89 26

Sofia Flodman Hahn
Sofia fell for the Kundalini yoga’s combination of physical movements that strengthen
the body and its mental part that encourage spiritual development. She leads
the yoga pass with the key words to uplift, embrace everything and to hold the yogic
spacet. Sofia has been a Kundalini yoga teacher since 10 years and has a large
interest in healing technology Sat Nam Rasayan.

Karl Lindeborg
Yoga and artistic activities are found daily in his life. Kalle is educated
adult educator, Coach / Counselor and Kundalini yoga teacher. Kalle has worked under
long time as a teacher with sustainable development and outdoor education but his
today’s main work is as an artist. He has been working for four years
Kundalini yoga teacher in Vallentuna.

We follow FOHM’s recommendations and will have a maximum number of participants.
The yoga is held in a loft with good natural ventilation. Nature exercise and lunch
is kept outdoors.

Welcome to your application!
Sofia & Kalle